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animal cruelty indeed. this should be banned. the human being is an evolving creature and just because this act of cruelty was done hundreds of years ago - or that is being done in other countries does not make it acceptable then and now.


interested in gaff scientific/engineer done

raymond ferrer

saan kaya my nagtuturo ng pagtatari ng manok (gaffers) gusto ko sanang matuto. pls naman, kahit my bayad, ung tipong schooling ba. syempre mga pro. un. email nyo naman ako please...

yolly rogers

wonder if they properly bleed those
birds before they deep them in boiling water?


guys enge aq ng introduction ng sari-sari store in ENGLISH nid it badly plzz..

noemi berganio

guys, help naman.. i need it tomorow.. about sari-sari store, kung kelan ba yun nag start, or can you give me the exact introduction of sari-sari store? in me... thankz


hello.. gusto ko sana humingi ng info about sa tari(gaff) research study ko kasi yan eh.. dto sa mindanao marami producers dto ng gaff.. plz.. post this.. tska ang history background ng gaff, sana meron.. if you ask me just email me po.. thank im anne from Digos City, Dvao del Sur


That gaff sure looks mean! What about the cut off leg? Any story around it?


Nice to read the reactions to your more provocative shots, good reporting, as always Sidney.

Ashish Sidapara

Sad but True, awesome series mate!


One of the pictures shows a cut-off chicken leg, Sidney. What happened there? They accidentally cut it off while placing the blade?

Awesome pictures as always!


"I am also convinced we should not judge people and a culture. "

Yes ...Yes ..

But ...

Avons nous le droit de jouer acec la souffrance des animaux ?


simply amazing journalistic series here. excellent work!!

it's ironic that you may get criticised for this series by people from cultures who have no qualms about picking up a gun and shooting some defenseless animal as "sport"!


you're really documenting a true filipino heritage, nice series...


oh those poor creatures. why can't they just kill them right away and cook them like any other animal. ;-)

Graceful decadence

Nice shots ,all of them...but pretty cruel.

Gérard Méry

Excellent document photos, mais pure barbarie, pour ces pauvres animaux
merci de ta visite. Gérard


this is an awesome series, Sydney. You captured a big part of the Filipino culture. got to love that last photo. ;)

reza khalili

what rugged men


I like the third picture. The razor blade is just so sharp!


I try to be OBJECTIVE in all my series. What I think of an event or occurrence doesn’t matter at all and it should not influence the way I illustrate a topic. I try to cover every event in the same way. I attempt to show as much as possible of an event with less than 50 pictures. I approach cockfighting the same way as I would cover a wedding or a fiesta. I record everything I see. You can accuse me of being subjective IF and WHEN I leave out important facets of an event.

I am also convinced we should not judge people and a culture. Let us take an anthropological approach to such events. I am personally not trilled by cockfighting but I spoke to a lot of sabongeros and I can assure you that those people are not blood thirsty sadists. It is a centuries old game that happens to survive in the Philippines.
According to wikipedia(, cockfights are still considered legal and part of a nation's culture in many countries in the world.

Belgium, France, Mexico, Spain, Haiti, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Guam have well-established arenas with seats or bleachers for spectators surrounding the ring, which is similar to a wrestling or boxing arena.

Yes, even in BELGIUM ;-)

Ashwathy Nair

Cruel and grotesque!


Stop with the stereotyping! This has nothing to do with the mentality of people or culture.

Open your mind and Google - "KFC Cruelty". How many millions of chicken they kill when you order "Original or Extra Crispy?" Compare the quantity they killed in those chicken factory to "sabong".

How about bullfighting? What's that say about the culture and mentality of Spain?

Do not be a hypocrite and dissed an entire rich culture just because you saw gruesome pictures...


ouch! I've seen those but your pictures made it more interesting and colorful.

comment on a comment: i'm not sure about eating it after the fight. i heard the meat are pretty taut for eating.


Calling all advocates against animal cruelty....

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